Investing in Fundamental Education and Training

Only 50% of Haitian children ever get to attend school.

Despise all the efforts, Only 50% of the children in Haiti ever get to attend school. SoHH is partnering with local schools to improve access to basic education and professional and technical training. USAID reports that approximately 35 percent of Haitian youth are unable to read and that the average Haitian child spends less than four years in school. Clearly, access to fundamental education is a key obstacle to both economic and spiritual development. Can you imagine the frustration of not being able to read a sign? A label? Your Bible? How would you ever become economically self-sustaining?

A dedicated teacher at Ecole Communautaire de Cazeau
Your support helps us maintain full-time staffing and facilities.

Most schools in Haiti have minimal government support, lack qualified instructors, and are relatively expensive. SoHH is dedicated to support directly the Haitian community schools facing a great lack of resources. We have recently supported a primary school near Port-au-Prince called Ecole Communautaire de Cazeau. Our ministry partner, Claude Calixte, volunteers to oversee this primary school without any pay. For Claude It is an investment in his country’s future.

Through our interaction with the teachers, we have witnessed first-hand their love and dedication to their craft, despite tremendous ongoing personal and financial challenges. Families often have difficulty affording tuition and books, so teacher salaries and facility maintenance are often irregular. Your support allows us to retain teachers and classrooms, even through the dry times. And for those intermittent periods when families cannot afford tuition, we work with them to be sure they are contributing in other ways, by giving of their time and talents. Our concept of sustainable development necessitates that the local community be involved and committed to all of our programs.

Only 50% of Haitian children ever get to attend school. Make a difference.
Make a difference.

This situation can be fixed. We can provide opportunities where none exist today. All it takes is a little personal involvement. We should envision God’s children reaching their full potential, becoming a positive asset in the communities where they reside. Investment in education is a critical piece to the long-term solution.

Only 50% of children in Haiti ever get to attend school. Make a difference. Donate Now.