Growing the Gospel in Difficult Times

Stone of Help Haiti is pleased to announce the addition of Haut Ternier to our mission of churches. This fellowship, led by Pastor Fanet Garnier, is located in the remote mountain region of La Valee, Jacmel. This is yet another testimony of God faithfully advancing His gospel of grace even more abundantly in the midst of extreme hardship throughout the land. Thank you for giving to Stone of Help Haiti as we, together, serve the cause of Christ in even the less-traveled and difficult-to-reach areas of Haiti.

Please pray…

– God’s blessing and favor for the pastor and saints at Haut Ternier church

– for increased funding for Mt Olive Clinic that brings quality healthcare to many

– for our church families in Port au Prince who are currently most vulnerable to violence 

May God bless you mightily for your ongoing prayers and financial support of all God continues to do through Stone of Help Haiti. You are indeed a true blessing to many!