• Mission and Vision

    Mission and Vision

    The MISSION of Stone of Help Haiti is to promote spiritual and social transformation of the Haitian people, primarily through Christian Discipleship and actions in Health and Education. Christian Discipleship: […]

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  • Where We Serve

    Where We Serve

    Stone of Help Haiti currently serves a mission of 11 related church communities known as Centre Chrétien Mont des Oliviers (CCMO) which translates in English as Mount Olive Christian Center. […]

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  • Our Story

    Our Story

    My name is Jean Abel Pierre. I was born in Haiti, from a family of four children in a little suburb of the city of Cité Soleil, less than four […]

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  • Board of Directors

    Board of Directors

    Stone of Help Haiti is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization governed by a Board of Directors with the mission of ensuring that the organization is faithfully fulfilling its charitable purpose. We are firmly […]

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