Our Story

Stone of Help Ministry Founders, Jean Abel Pierre & Pr Bill Jasan “Thus far the Lord has helped us.” (1 Samuel 7:12)

My name is Jean Abel Pierre. I was born in Haiti, from a family of four children in a little suburb of the city of Cité Soleil, less than four miles from the capital, Port-au-Prince. Our family was certainly not rich, but we were also not the poorest in the neighborhood. My father was a merchant and a charitable man who was most sensitive to the needs of others. As I was growing up, I did not understand why he would spend his time and money helping people he did not even know. In our little house of about 1000 square feet, we would routinely receive people of various categories of needs. This included single mothers with children, orphans, the homeless, people who were unable to pay their rent, or those who were transitioning from the countrysides to the capital in search of a better way of life. It seems that we were always welcoming strangers of one type or another. I can recall the various discussions that took place regarding our family resources and the potential impact my father’s generosity might have on our family’s future.

It would appear rather normal, even responsible in light of our paltry family resources, for my father to temper his enthusiasm regarding his giving so abundantly. But this was not the case at all. My father had a devoted passion for serving others. As a result, we were truly blessed in many ways. As a child, I always had little friends to play with and plenty of others pampering me with attention. What more could a child wish for? As my teenage years sprang up, I started to see things more clearly. I was now beginning to understand, through my father, just how the gospel of Jesus Christ was to be lived out before others. My father, Jean Gesner Pierre, had a certain calling from God; helping those in need. My father’s calling was one of dedication in ministering to the most vulnerable people in his community. The sufferings of others would not allow him to be indifferent. For him, it was a way to share the love of Jesus Christ and for more than thirty years he faithfully served the cause of Christ throughout communities in various regions of the country until the Lord called him home in June of 2011.

In seeking the Lord’s calling on my own life, it became certain that God was compelling me to continue His ministry to the Haitian people as demonstrated through my obedient father. While praying for wisdom and guidance, I crossed paths with Pastor Bill Jasan, a deeply devoted man of God. His discernment, wise counsel, and dedication to preaching, teaching and discipleship has impacted many for the cause of Christ. Pastor Bill also has a true heart for the hurting and most vulnerable among us. He first came to Haiti in 2010 in response to the country’s devastating earthquake. The plight of the orphan as well as the widespread spiritual and physical needs of the Haitian people genuinely touched his heart. Pastor Bill has a sincere calling on his life to continue to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and minister to the Haitian people in an ongoing way.