Haiti Mission Update

What a blessing of hope and comfort our God so graciously gives to those who follow His plan, His way, and in His timing.  A true indication of faithful, humble obedience is when the results of a godly effort seem to escape all human explanation.When people see all that God has done and continues to do, our prayer is that the people will have no other explanation except that it all came from the hand of God. That is our prayer for the vision that God has set before Stone of Help Ministry.

Our recent trip to Port Au Prince, Haiti was a true blessing as God continues to show us glimpses of His glory at every turn. It was just a short time ago when fellow board members Marissa, Geri, and I visited our ministry base in Ganthier (Oest dept. of PP). The remnant of 2010’s earthquake caused much foundational damage to our home church building. Thank God for the generous support of God’s people and the collective effort from the church community. Unsafe walls were torn down along with the roof panels, which would be reused on a kitchen facility constructed behind the church. In June of 2013, SoHM came alongside the Haitian community both prayerfully and physically in the rebuilding effort.

I returned to the land of God’s provision in November only to find a most joyous sight to behold. God’s church was now nearly complete. The new walls were complimented by a refashioned entrance and sizable front landing area. The interior also now has much more useable space for worship and other church activities. The next step, “raising the roof!”

Meanwhile at our school in Tabarre, school director and fellow board member, Claude sourced out a much better location and learning environment for his four levels of classes.

So it is under this setting in February 2014 that SoHM returned to the land that God has called us to.

Much much to report, so I will highlight some ministry particulars.

  • Marissa faithfully prepared and led our first English class at our school in Tabarre. The children received her teaching with much enthusiasm.
  • SoHM conducted our first teachers meeting. It was great to present the teachers with an opportunity to share their joys, struggles, and concerns. We were all comforted, and indeed humbled, by the teacher’s love and dedication to their craft despite tremendous ongoing personal and financial challenges in their lives.
  • SoHM also had an opportunity to meet with the schoolchildren’s parents and provide a dinner for them along with their children and the teachers. Parents had the opportunity to learn more about SoHM and God’s educational vision. They also were given the opportunity to  express whatever they might want to share. It is our desire to get to know all the parents in a meaningful way and have a better understanding as to how to minister to them both spiritually and practically.
  • SoHM also had the opportunity to complete some much needed repairs to several school benches/desks. It was a labor of love as many of the schoolchildren got involved. Good work, good fun, and some valuable lessons on stewardship was had by all.

And now, “Raising the Roof!” Wow, what a glorious sight when we arrived at our church home in Ganthier. There it was, all the completed wooden framework, secured and ready to be paneled. And paneled it was. Two gifted Haitian men in two days put the finishing touches on a most beautiful red roof. What a testimony to God’s goodness in causing people to come together prayerfully, practically, and financially, all for the sole purpose of having a place to gather in His Name.

Abel led a vibrant time of praise and worship on Sunday and God’s message was received with gladness. SoHM presented a two-part midweek Bible Study which was attended by 56 people hungering to know their Lord and Savior in deeper ways.

We pray that God might open a door of opportunity for you to see firsthand what He is doing through SoHM.

Thank you and may God richly bless you for your generous financial support. I ask that you prayerfully continue to support the godly vision of Stone of Help Ministry. If you would like more detailed information about Stone of Help Ministry, please feel free to call or write me anytime.

Grace, Mercy, and Peace,

Pr Bill Jasan
“Thus far the LORD has helped us.” (1 Samuel 7:12)