Investing in Education & Training

The overall Education system in Haiti is severely broken. Extreme poverty, insecurity, and the nation’s gross instability are just a few contributing factors that prohibit access to fundamental Education, thereby, creating an obstacle to both economic and spiritual development. Stone of Help Haiti is faithfully committed to investing in the nation’s Education as we believe it to be a critical piece to the long-term solution.

Stone of Help Haiti provides financial and practical assistance in all levels of Education as well as vocational training for those we serve. A portion of students are represented from each of the eleven church communities Stone of Help Haiti reaches. We work alongside a pastoral team of advisors in effort to determine which families appear the most vulnerable, thereby, having the greatest need for aid. Stone of Help Haiti also contributes to an entire primary school in the Port au Prince area as well as another in the remote mountain region of Sanite, Le Cayes. 

Stone of Help Haiti is also proactive in the repair, expansion, and the building of new schools. Ultimately, our desire is to see Haiti’s future generation achieve their full learning potential and become a positive asset in the places where they reside.