Help Repair a Church: Ganthier

They say that the church isn’t the building, but the people. How true! We are rebuilding this church that was damaged in the 2010 earthquake, and in the process bringing hope to a vulnerable community. Help repair a church in Haiti!

My name is Ken Strayer, and for the last year I have been visiting and helping people in the Caribbean nation of Haiti. This country may seem far away, but it is really just a short flight from Florida.

Ken Strayer is supporting communities in Haiti.

Church Destroyed by Earthquake

In January of 2010, a terrible earthquake devastated the country. Haiti was already extremely poor. The earthquake destroyed many homes and churches, and killed many people.

The 2010 earthquake destroyed many homes, buildings, and churches.

Supporting Local Communities

In Haiti, I have been helping families educate their children, and providing health and nutritional support. Most importantly, I have been helping them understand how much God really does love them, even in their difficulties. I’ve made a number of friends at a local church that is just outside Port-Au-Prince in Haiti, in a village called Ganthier. You should hear how they pray and worship, with such joy and expectation.

The church at Ganthier now has new walls, and a roof to protect them during worship services, but it still leaks when it rains.It Leaks When it Rains

Their church building, however, really is in bad shape. It was damaged in the earthquake and has no doors or windows. We were recently able to repair the walls and add a new roof. But with no doors, it leaks when it rains. There is no lighting. Perhaps what is most difficult is that they don’t have any chairs or benches. People sort of bring what they can find. During a church service I was at in November, one of the pews broke right in the middle of the service! This poor group of old Haitian ladies ended up plopping on the ground.

These benches are in really bad shape. We would like to replace them as we repair a church in Haiti.You Can Help Repair a Church

This Christmas I would like to help this church create a safe and welcoming sanctuary in the village, where people can come and worship, learn God’s word, and be encouraged. I’m raising funds for repairs to the building and for some furnishings. If you donate here, you will help us buy some doors that can be opened to welcome new believers, some benches that can be used when the people aren’t praying on their knees, a set of lights so that the worship can go on late into the night, a rudimentary sound system so that the people can hear the Word of God preached, and a new bathroom facility (I don’t need to explain how important that is, do I?)

Help our friends in Haiti see the love of Jesus as we come together to repair their community church.

Thank you, in the name of Jesus!