Taking God’s Word to Backcountry

Fe Yo Byen photo 2Thank you so very much for your prayer and thoughts during my recent visit to our network church in the little village of Fè Yo Byen, Haiti. We are still recovering from the fatigue of the trip. Five Stone of Help volunteers made the 4-hour trip that covers a lot of backcountry. We were really blessed to make it all the way to the church with the car this time. It was a pleasant surprise to see that access to the village was practical in the dry season, without all the mud. During our previous journeys, we’ve had to go by motorbike, or else spend a lot of time digging out the car. Thank God who got us through it!

Once in Fè Yo Byen we received a warm welcome from the people at the church, and also from the community at large. That was really encouraging after that long trip. Two policemen in the city of Boucan Carre even paid us a visit on Saturday morning, to make sure that we were ok.

In fact, there have been many attacks against Christian workers in the countryside. Torture, rape against male and female, and thefts are not uncommon. It was really kind of the two policemen to come on their motorbikes to make sure that everything was well.

We worshipped with the church late into the night on Friday, and then spent time in prayer. We studied the biblical meaning of grace and how it applies to our lives as servants. As born again Christians, we don’t serve God to be saved. Rather, we are saved to serve God.

On Saturday, we had a morning meeting with a state official that came to measure the piece of land on which the church building is located. Stone of Help is assisting the church in properly deeding the land. After our meeting with the official, we went on foot through the outlying community, praying with and encouraging people. Our outreach was fruitful. Twenty-two people attended the Saturday afternoon service. That was huge, knowing that Saturday is normally a time of preparation, where people go out and gather food for their Sunday meal. Yet, they came to study the word of God.

We had a Sunday morning Bible study led by brothers of the local church, then the worship service, followed by a sermon. I had the privilege to share a message and to lead worship. There was a good and profound discussion on some applications of that teaching. And I felt that it was a great study in terms of participation while providing a concrete application for the church. I am anxious to offer more study heading in the same direction.

fe yo byen photo 5I was humbled by the conditions in which people worship God. For me to sleep on the ground while it was raining was a true humbling experience. You can see from the pictures that the church building itself is nothing more than branches and sticks. We took turns looking after the pooling rainwater to make sure that no one become submerged while sleeping. The name of the village is Fè Yo Byen, which means “make them well” in Creole. One can tell that God is moving mightily among His people in Fè Yo Byen. The great spirit of the people prompts me to return often. It was I who was encouraged on this trip.

Jean Abel Pierre, Stone of Help – Haiti