New Life in the Village of Ganthier

IMG_0367Pastor Bill Jasan welcomes baby Emanuela, the newest addition to the village of Ganthier.

Prior to Emanuela’s birth, her mom Esther went to the doctor with symptoms of severe stomach pains. The doctor concluded that Esther had fibroid tumors and was in need of surgery. He told Esther that this current condition would not allow her to conceive any children unless remedied. At the time, Esther did not know that she was already pregnant with Emanuela. Esther would go back home and pray earnestly to God and seek Him mightily, as she so deeply desired to have another child. God answered Esther’s cry and graced her with the birth of miracle child Emanuela.

IMG_0376 (2)Pastor Bill and his wife Marcella are now serving full time in Haiti, ministering to the most vulnerable in this struggling nation.