Help Us Provide Relief for Pastor

IMG_3438 (1)Pastor Pierre is the patriarch of the eleven churches we support in Haiti. He has influenced thousands for the cause of Christ for many years in pastoral ministry, and assisted in planting 11 churches across the country. He is enduring much suffering due to complications from diabetes which recently resulted in the removal of a portion of his toes.

I was able to visit Pastor Pierre in the hospital twice last week while in Haiti. We prayed with him and helped coordinate some care. Conditions are hard in Haiti, and even more so in the hospital. At the time of our last visit, medical care had been cut off due to financial reasons. The only safety net in Haiti is provided by families and the church. We were able to provide some medicine for the short-term, but more is needed in order to stabilize him and allow him to return home to continue his ministry. Through it all, Pastor Pierre continues to be a model of strength and encouragement despite his most painful condition.

Your prayers for God’s comfort and healing are most appreciated at this time. Also, as the Lord may lead, we ask that you might consider a financial gift so that he might continue to receive the medical attention he needs.

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