Lifting Jesus High Through Soccer

IMG_1095Even under the threat of Hurricane Danny, we had an awesome evangelistic outreach last Wednesday, 26 August.  SoHH came alongside the church in Ganthier to reach the surrounding community. Everyone in Haiti loves soccer (or foutbòl, in Haitian Creole), so what better way to bring the people out?

We started in the church building with about 20 children and young adults to prepare for our evangelistic outreach. We learned how to sing “We Want to See Jesus Lifted High” in Creole, and prayed for those we would encounter. Others setup a sound system and prepared the soccer field.


Once the music started playing, people came from miles around. We formed teams and played several energetic games of soccer. It was great hearing all the kids cheering. We then taught the younger kids the “three-legged race”, and how to carry eggs on spoons in their mouths.

11903732_1479487622376214_8068201266789968009_nI was struck by the contrast of being in such an impoverished community, but hearing the laughing and joy. My son and I were some of the only non-Haitian’s in attendance. Everyone wanted to know why we were there. When we told them it was to share the love of Jesus, their eyes got big and they would ask, “You know Jesus?”, or “You came to teach the Bible?” This led to a time of testimony and encouragement from the Word of God, the Gospel message, and a great celebration as we sang, “We Want to See Jesus Lifted High.”

IMG_3558I am encouraged by the spiritual growth in the village of Ganthier. The future can clearly be seen in the young adults who are rising up to serve their God, and to reach their people with the message of hope found only in Jesus Christ. Yes, God is being lifted high in Haiti.

So much more can be done in this community. I saw children without shoes. Many have never been to school. And the young adults need in-depth discipleship and training. Please partner with us both in prayer and with a donation that that will help transform lives in Haiti, in fulfillment of the Great Commission.

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