Haiti is an Epic Journey

IMG_3600My son and I were able to travel to Haiti in late August to support the Stone of Help Haiti mission. It was an epic adventure that opened our eyes to the world around us. Here’s a short list of our experiences:

  • Dodged not one, but two hurricanes.
  • Ate lots and lots of “diri ak pwa.”
  • Worshipped and studied the Word of God in a rural village church on Sunday.
  • Attended Carifesta Haiti and experienced Caribbean culture.
  • Took a photo of my son in downtown Port Au Prince as he was photo-bombed by a number of young ladies.
  • Watched Pastor Bill be interviewed for a news piece to be shown in the Dominican IMG_3432Republic. Did he give out our website address?
  • Taught a Bible study on the Sermon on the Mount for a few dozen young adults… in Haitian Creole… and was understood!
  • Rode around in a TapTap… the Haitian taxi. Prayed for funds to buy a 4-wheeled vehicle for our mission team that is so needed. Please help!
  • Participated in an evangelistic outreach where we played soccer and other games, drawing the community to hear the Gospel message.
  • Led worship in a dirt field.
  • Visited a local hospital and ministered to the sick. You don’t want to know what the hospitals are like in Haiti. Don’t get sick there.
  • Gave my testimony and presented the Gospel… in Creole!
  • Sat in traffic. Traffic flows really well unless the police start directing things… then you are asking for a traffic jam.
  • Learned about the incredible and heart-breaking history of Haiti at the Musée du Panthéon National Haïtien.
  • IMG_3517Listened to and encouraged our local missionaries in Haiti.
  • Discovered that I could actually begin to understand the local language.
  • Introduced my son to the Majority World, and gained a greater appreciation for how richly God has blessed us.
  • Made lots and lots of new friends who are brothers and sisters in Christ.
  • Most importantly, I was able to build what is hopefully a lasting bond and lots of great memories with my son.

IMG_3558Life is hard in Haiti. Everything is hard in Haiti… except for the hearts of the people. The people are crying out for the love of Jesus. I met young men and women who travel for miles on foot to attend Bible studies. I met young children who have never gone to school. I met a young boy at church whose brother was at home because they only have one pair of shoes and have to share each week. I saw first-hand the suffering due to lack of infrastructure, shelter, power, medical resources, and education. God has called us to go and serve his people, to make disciples… to the ends of the earth. How is he calling you? Who shall he send?  Drop me a note, and lets talk about how you can serve. Donate Now.

Ken Strayer, Missionary, Stone of Help Haiti