Serving Families in Haiti

Meet Roseline Esteven and her twin daughters Saphira (white) and Sarah (pink). They live in our home village of Ganthier. Sapphire and Sarah are currently 6 years old and will turn 7 in March of 2016. The girls were just babies when they fell victim to the earthquake of 2010. Their house entirely collapsed and they were struck by flying boards. As you can see, the girls are quite small for their age. The earthquake caused extensive damage to their hip and pelvic region which has stunted their growth extensively. Just recently, these twins were dismissed from school because the family could not keep up with school payments. Currently, they are in level 3, which is equal to our kindergarden. Roslyn’s husband, the children’s father, has also been stricken with malaria and is currently too ill to work and provide for his family.

IMG_2656 (1)This family’s situation has touched my heart so deeply. I was able to speak with Rosaline on Sunday and pray with her and the girls. Despite the family’s desperate condition, Rosaline’s prayers were all directed upward in thanksgiving to God for all His amazing grace. When I got home on Sunday, I wept.

I do plan on following-up and visiting this family. They live beyond the sugar cane which borders the church land in Ganthier. Please pray for this precious family.