Prayer During Unsettling Times

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 5.16.20 PMPlease pray for this ministry, but most of all, for the people of Haiti, as they continue to endure a most unsettling election cycle. Local travel calls for much discernment these days. This season has witnessed all too many significant and unpredictable episodes of protest and random violence. Currently, Haiti has a temporary acting president and a transitional governing team in place until the final runoff occurs in a couple of months. This temporary arrangement seems to have calmed things down somewhat. However, the potential for uprisings still remain at a rather high level. Even so, we at Stone of Help Haiti continue to follow our God-given assignment in matters of Christian Discipleship, Education, Health and Nutrition.

The Apostle Paul reminds us in his letter to the Galatians that we are to “do good to all people.” The greatest “good” we could ever hope to do for someone is to present them with the gospel of Jesus Christ. However, in doing so, it must always be as a means of loving them in both word and deed. That is why Stone of Help Haiti is committed to aiding and meeting the needs of the most vulnerable, whether materially, socially, or spiritually. This is the heartbeat of Stone of Help Haiti.

Once again, thank you for your loving support and prayers. We ask that you please remember the people of Haiti. This nation continues to endure day to day hardship of the most extreme variety, along with the harsh reality of widespread hunger. Your prayers and financial support to Stone of Help Haiti is indeed making a godly difference for time and for eternity. May God richly bless you!