Discipleship in Remote Jacmel

DSC_0570 (1)Stone of Help Haiti serves the church community of La Vallee de Jacmel (Valley of Jacmel). This church was completely destroyed by the 2010 earthquake. It is very shocking to imagine how disaster was felt so far into the mountains. It is a three hour commute to this remote region cut deep inside the mountains southeast of Port au Prince. We travel by car until the road is no longer passable. The remainder of the journey is a treacherous forty-five minute motorcycle ride barely hanging on the cliff’s edges. Oh yea, we also travel two or three persons per moto including driver.

girl_in_jacmelPr Abel visited La Vallee in June and came back with a very encouraging report. He spoke of the joyful reunion of the saints upon arrival that made the painful and enduring trip all worthwhile. The acting pastor is a brother named Monfort Gedeon. He is a faithful man of God that has been serving the community for several years. It is most amazing to see the dedication of people coming to church mostly on foot, and sometimes from far away places. Pr Abel shared the Word of God at Sunday service and two baby dedications took place as well. He described worship as the most vibrant he had ever experienced. Pr Abel said the people were so attentive to God’s Word that he could have spend hours preaching the good news of Salvation nonstop.

Annual Church Conference

We returned to La Vallee in July for the annual church conference and community outreach. I was so excited to come along and witness firsthand the loving fellowship and faithfulness of God’s people despite the most extreme conditions. Praise and the teaching of God’s Word was continuous throughout this four day gathering.

Pr Abel continues his faithful unifying effort within the ten church communities that Stone of Help Haiti serves. He successfully positioned a godly leadership council to solidify and ensure the healthy spiritual state of God’s church in La Vallee.

baptismSunday morning at 5am a group of nine descended the steep mountainside terrain on a nearly hour-long hike to the baptism waters of La Vallee. We walked a rather dangerous path, and I marvel at the dedication of the saints. Pr Nerva of Cite Soleil performed this sacrament followed by the return climb back to the village.
SunDSC_0737day service was full and truly joyous. In addition to heartfelt praise and the teaching of God’s Word, more babies and children were publicly dedicated to the Lord. The conference concluded with loving fellowship and food for all.





Please pray God’s continued provision for the beautiful people of La Vallee. Your generous giving to Stone of Help Haiti is making a genuine impact for the cause of Christ even in the most remote and hard-to-reach places.