Hurricane Matthew Wreckage

14560242_1717108448614129_6143654361640355277_oHurricane Matthew is leaving a remnant of wreckage beyond description. Here on the ground, we are attempting to gather more detailed information wherever possible from the churches and communities we serve. The overwhelming needs of these beautiful people are immediate and many in number. This is a most urgent and heartfelt appeal to come alongside Stone of Help Haiti as we stand ready to respond anywhere God might lead.

My visit to our Home Church community of Ganthier. This was a very heartbreaking visit today. Most of the village is still under water. During the hurricane, people
were pulled to safety using a rope line. Stone of Help Haiti provided food as many families have gone completely without for the last couple of days. I continue to marvel at the enduring faith in action of the Haitian people. God bless you for your prayers and financial support.

14556560_1717106691947638_6172524827054528363_oUrgent prayers for the community of Sanipe Les Cayes. This is where the eye of the hurricane to direct aim. Stone of Help Haiti serves this church community. Here, Pr Abel and I are with our dear brother Pastor Elisee. I don’t have all the details yet, but this area appears to be wrecked significantly. Your prayers and generous support is urgently needed.

Please give online at or mail to P.O. Box 15162 Alexandria, Va 22315 (Donations are tax deductible) Thank you for your prayers and loving support – Pr Bill Jasan