Rescue Mission to Les Cayes

It has been over a month since the land and people of Haiti experienced the destructive force of Hurricane Matthew. However, the remnant of hardship and misery continues in many parts of the country.

The southwest region of Les Cayes is where the most severe impact of the great storm occurred. This area is where Stone of Help Haiti serves the church and community of Sanite.

In Sanite, the limited supply of crops and livestock were totally washed away, and the former abundance of trees and greenery was completely uprooted, leaving behind a desert-like landscape in it’s wake. For many, their homes were destroyed and all their personal belongings were completely lost. To this day,
some folks in the mountain areas are at a high risk of death due to cold and rainy conditions, without the ability to stay warm and dry.

Pastor Abel was able to lead a rescue mission of nine saints from our churches in Port Au Prince to the community of Sanite, safely transporting food, clothing, medicine, personal hygiene products, tarps and more.

Traveling the roads and makeshift paths into these parts often makes for a treacherous journey. In addition, there is the ever present danger of attack and robbery from the bad guys seizing relief supplies.

Praise God that our ministry team was able to visit and return back from two communities in Les Cayes without incident! Please pray for our safety as these trips will no doubt be rather frequent in times ahead.

I am continually amazed at the level of ever present thanksgiving and praise exhibited by these most faithful and resilient people in spite of extreme day to day hardship.

Please know that all SoHH receives in His Name is met with the utmost of prayerful discernment in advancing God’s Kingdom. Your prayers and financial support does indeed count for both time and for eternity.

Stone of Help Haiti humbly requests that you give generously in these most urgent of times here in the land of Haiti.

On behalf of Stone of Help Haiti, may God bless you mightily for your lovingkindness.