Bringing Bibles to Haiti

Pastor Elisee, Pastor Abel, and Pastor Bill standing on the church grounds in Anadere Les Cayes, pre-Hurricane Matthew.

What a blessing it is to teach God’s Word among people with a strong appetite to know Him in wider and deeper ways. However, there is also a sad side to all of this. Most of the saints in the churches SoHH serves do not own or have no access to God’s Word, the Bible. Friends, this is an issue that weighs heavily upon my heart. God has written sixty-six love letters, the Bible, so that we may know Him, the lover our souls.  Christian Discipleship is the banner over all SoHH purposes to accomplish in His Name.  God wants to illuminate Himself through the lens of Scripture so that we may not trip in the darkness. And we can never hope to know Him apart from His Word. Your financial gifts to Stone of Help Haiti helps us provide this most fundamental need in the life of God’s people.

After Hurricane Matthew, Pastor Elisee standing next to the same post amid the destruction

Hurricane Matthew Update 

Thank you for giving to aid in our ongoing effort in reaching out to the mountain churches and communities God has called us to serve. To many in the outside world, the destructive force of Hurricane Matthew might seem like a distant memory. But in reality, a devastating remnant continues to linger and cause continued misery in many parts of Haiti.

  • It is estimated that over 1,300 people lost their lives in the southern region alone. The 235km/hour winds of this great storm wrecked homes, killed livestock, and wiped out mostly all existing agriculture
  • The United Nations estimated in February that 175,000 people continue to be displaced
  • It is said that upwards of 280,000 or more Haitians are still in desperate search of food as the result of this catastrophe

The extremely weak Haitian economy serves to make the recovery process on all levels very slow. In addition, the commute in reaching the remote places can often be unpredictable and treacherous. Please pray for safe travels as we remain committed to aid in the rebuilding process.

Looking ahead…

The church at Anadere Les Cayes prior to Hurricane Matthew

In June, Stone of Help Haiti will host a new Bible study series, “Basics of Discipleship” on Saturday mornings. This program is designed for those new in the Lord as well as seasoned Believers. We will explore basic Christian doctrine and topics necessary for all genuine followers of Christ to know and pass on to others. Please pray as we are believing God for a generous turnout among the saints.

From June 30 – July 2, Stone of Help Haiti will sponsor a youth / young adult retreat on our home church grounds in Ganthier. The theme will be “A Call to Holiness.” Please pray that God might grant us wisdom in all phases of preparation.

Finally friends, as always, Stone of Help Haiti receives your prayers and financial support with utmost thanksgiving and gladness of heart.

On a personal note, the demands of ministry make it most difficult to stay ahead of my inbox and express all the deep gratitude in my heart for your loving kindness. God’s provision through His people is our lifeline in carrying out His mission and visions among the land and people of Haiti. Please know that you are making a godly difference in the lives of many. What a testimony to the Christ within you. Thank you!!!

I humbly ask that you prayerfully consider being a monthly financial donor to Stone of Help Haiti.

May the love of Christ shine in you as it is indeed doing.