Mission Team to Visit in July  

Stone of Help Haiti will be bringing a mission team to the church community of La Vallee, Jacmel in July. A combination of vehicle and motorcycle is required to reach this picturesque remote area in the southern region of Haiti. However, it is well worth the effort as the saints always receive us with great joy. The church in La Vallee is in need of serious repair, so we pray God’s provision to address this concern before too long.

Mobile Medical Team Visiting Ganthier in July   

Also in July, Stone of Help Haiti is welcoming a mobile medical clinic on the grounds of our home church in Ganthier. We are anticipating a team of 4 doctors and assistants serving upwards of around 200 in this village.

103 Haitian Students Receive Schooling    

Stone of Help Haiti’s vision for education continues to expand in reaching out to Haiti’s most vulnerable. Your loving support is allowing 103 Haitian students to receive a quality education this school year. Please pray God’s continued provision so that SoHH can continue to facilitate this most critical need in even greater ways in times to come.

Churches in Need of Physical Improvement    

There are several church building construction matters that need critical attention. I marvel at the level of praise and thanksgiving by the saints despite worshipping in the most extreme conditions. The state of the economy and widespread poverty really diminishes the church’s expectations on building improvements. However, what a wonderful thing it would be for God’s people to rally together and make this happen. These churches are already vibrant, but the need for physical improvement are great beyond description. Once again, we pray God’s provision in making this happen for these beautiful people.