Lessons of Patience & Service Visiting Saint Marc

Stone of Help Haiti continues to reach out to the less-traveled remote regions of Haiti. Such is the church community of Saint Marc. This is a very close-knit body of Believers totaling about 150 in number. The physical church structure is in need of much repair. However, this did not deter the saints from making extra special preparation in anticipation of our visit.

Saint Marc is located about 2 hours north of Port au Prince. I, Pastor Bill, was blessed with the opportunity to teach up there on April 8th. We were met with some unexpected delays causing us to arrive about one and a half hours later that the usual time of service. So it was quite remarkable arriving to find the patiently waiting congregation. A good lesson on patience for sure.

Worship was vibrant and included a very special performance from the youth. There was also baby dedication plus prayer and recognition of various leaders within the congregation. Alongside the stage area was a table of various fruits and snacks given to us as gifts from the people. In addition to all, the church prepared a very special fellowship meal for us enjoy before sending us off.

Life and ministry in Haiti always seems to reinforce some valuable life lessons. Especially when it come to serving others. It often seems easy to help provide for others out of our abundance. That is why it is truly humbling to constantly be the recipient of such hospitality and genuine sacrificial giving. Your loving contribution enables Stone of Help Haiti to routinely come alongside remote church communities such as the beautiful people of Saint Marc.