A Call to Support Haitian Schools

As the summer draws to a close, school season in Haiti is about to begin.

This should be a time of joy and eager anticipation. However, for far too many, it is met with great disappointment.

Only about half of Haiti’s eligible will be among those attending school. The average Haitian child will only attend school about four years in total.

The majority of schools in Haiti receive very minimal government support. Most families find it virtually impossible to afford tuition, books, and uniforms for their children. This is especially true among the more rural areas of Haiti.

Identifying the most vulnerable to receive assistance is a heartbreaking process since the majority of those Stone of Help Haiti serves are among peasant communities. Haiti’s children and youth have a healthy appetite for learning. That is why it is sad on so many levels to witness firsthand those who are left behind.

Please prayerfully consider giving to Stone of Help Haiti to support our vision for education.