Vision for education in Haiti

School children in Haiti

It’s beyond sad to witness such a great amount of Haiti’s youth who have no access to something as fundamental as Education. However, thanks to your giving to Stone of Help Haiti, the gift of Education has become a reality this school year for many.

There is a K-4th grade Christian school on the grounds of our church located in the remote mountain region of Sanite Les Cayes. They are now in their second year of operation. SoHH is providing Education for all 102 students enrolled.

In addition, so far SoHH is providing Education assistance for an additional 168 students within the balance of church communities we serve.

Finally, we are pleased to announce our support of Institution Gosen. Institution Gosen is a Pre-K through 4th grade Christian school of 75 located in the city of Pernier near Petionville.

SoHH has also distributed an abundance of school supplies to our church families.

All that being said, SoHH desires to reach out to the unschooled in much greater ways going forward. It seems that the students we equip for school only further exposes those that get left behind. Please prayerfully consider giving to our vision for Education. It is still not too late to enroll for this school year. What a testimony of God’s goodness that your giving to SOHH would have such a godly impact on Haiti’s next generation!