Urgent Help for Covid-19 Prevention Project

Life and ministry continues to be a certain challenge during these most unstable and very often dangerous times in the land of Haiti.

At the same time, this ministry can take comfort in the fact that we continue to faithfully serve the mission and visions God has set before us.

In addition to enduring the most extreme hardship, the Haitian people are now met with the fact that Covid-19 has arrived in their country. The Haitian government announced containment measures for the entire population. Schools, churches, and various places of large gatherings have been shut down until further notice. This is sad on so many levels.

The typical Haitian often survives on a day to day basis. Many will work practically all day long in order to, hopefully, secure just enough means for the family to eat. Now, in response to the current outbreak, they are being told to stay home. It makes me wonder which scenario is worse. Does a person stay home, therefore, without the ability to secure even the very basic needs to stay alive? Or, is it less risky to ignore the warnings and be out among the crowd fighting for survival as ever before?

Stone of Help Haiti is bringing a Covid-19 Prevention Project to the church communities we serve. We are teaming with our leaders in assembling sanitary packets according to guidelines suggested by the authorities. In addition, Stone of Help Haiti will also provide necessary food assistance for the most vulnerable.

This relief effort will reach our entire network from the heavily populated Port au Prince area to even the most remote mountain regions. We estimate that your loving support through Stone of Help Haiti will reach in excess of 435 families with this Covid-19 Prevention Project. We humbly ask for your prayerful and financial support of our Covid-19 Prevention Project.