New Construction and Renewed Hope

Bonjou and many thanks for your support of all God continues to do through Stone of Help Haiti

The covid-19 pandemic has made this quite an unusual year, and the land of Haiti is certainly no exception. Nationwide containment measures resulted in increased hunger and extreme hardship among many throughout the land. Your donations to Stone of Help Haiti enabled our “Covid-19 Prevention Project” to package much needed food relief, liquid soap, bleaching solutions, and disinfectants for the entire network of church communities we serve. Thank you! 

Stone of Help Haiti is sponsoring construction projects simultaneously in two church communities. Phase 1, the renovation and building of a new facility is well underway for Premiere Cité church of Cité Soleil. Phase 2 calls for a primary school and clinic to be erected on this same church property. Premiere Cite has been a stabilizing force and a testimony to God’s mighty providence and faithfulness in this very volatile area. 

Contributions to Stone of Help Haiti enables this ministry to reach out to the most remote and less-traveled mountain regions. The church building in the community of Nan Zamann of La Vallee de Jacmel was significantly affected by the great earthquake of 2010, and again by Hurricane Matthew in 2016. Your loving support is providing the means to construct a new building and bring much thankfulness and joy among the saints. 

Yes, this year in ministry has been rather unconventional in so many ways. Yet, praise God that His Kingdom business through Stone of Help Haiti is as fruitful as ever. I marvel at how the gospel of Jesus Christ has often prospered the most in the midst of even the greatest of obstacles. Please pray for the beautiful people of Haiti as they continue to endure hardship that most of us will never know.