A New Fiscal Year Approaches

Thank you for giving to Stone of Help Haiti

On behalf of Stone of Help Haiti, greetings in Christ Jesus. Thank you for your prayers and loving support of all God continues to do among the beautiful people of Haiti. Even in the midst of these most difficult and uncertain times, Stone of Help Haiti continues to bear fruit for His glory and the good of the people we serve in His Name. Praise God that nothing at all can stand in the way of the gospel that we proclaim!

August will mark the beginning of another fiscal ministry year for Stone of Help Haiti. Please pray for godly wisdom and direction as we wholeheartedly continue to remain faithful to the Mission and Threefold Vision He has set before us.

The Mission of Stone of Help Haiti is to promote spiritual and social transformation of the Haitian people, primarily through Christian Discipleship and actions in Health and Education. Our Vision is to witness the life-changing power of the gospel of Jesus Christ as it is seen and spoken in the lives of the Haitian people.

Christian Discipleship: Stone of Help Haiti is faithfully dedicated to leadership training and reaching others for the cause of Christ. Our aim is to raise up spiritually healthy churches that make a godly impact locally and beyond.

Health: Stone of Help Haiti is dedicated in effort to confront widespread hunger and health issues among the Haitian people. We work alongside professionals and volunteers in addressing health needs of local communities and among remote villages.

Education: Stone of Help Haiti provides assistance in all levels of education as well as vocational training for those we serve. Our desire is to see God’s children achieve their full learning potential and become a positive asset in the places where they reside.

In addition, please pray God’s mighty provision as Stone of Help Haiti seeks to launch further church and school construction projects among the nations’ most vulnerable communities. The needs in Haiti, both personal and practical, are enormous beyond description. I humbly ask that you remember the plight of the Haitian people by continuing to give to Stone of Help Haiti. Please know that your steady contributions are indeed making a godly difference in the lives of many.

Once again, thank you for your caring spirit in giving to Stone of Help Haiti as we, together, serve the beautiful people of Haiti for the cause of Christ! May God continue to richly bless you for your caring spirit.