Recovery Continues from August Earthquake

Stone of Help Haiti November 2021 Update

On August 14th, Haiti was once again rocked by a most destructive earthquake that actually tore into two general areas where Stone of Help Haiti reaches. This includes the region of La Vallee in the mountains of Jacmel where we have four church villages in a close proximity to each another. Thank God that all the folks we serve up there remained safe, and for the most part, relatively unaffected. Stone of Help Haiti recently completed a church construction project in these parts, thanks to your generous giving. It was reported that the new building was a bit shaken, but held up just fine. Praise God!

Sadly, though, our church village deep in the mountains of Sanite, Les Cayes was significantly ripped apart. Stone of Help Haiti arranged for a good variety of relief packages to those who were greatly affected by the earthquake as well as the heavy ensuing rain that immediately followed. Your contributions also facilitated some necessary structural repairs to our church/school building. I was recently blessed with the opportunity to meet with our Haitian planning committee in launching this year’s school season. Donations to Stone of Help Haiti provides both individual student support as well as coming alongside two entire schools. 

One of the saddest, yet, most common sights is watching just a small child going to work with a rag in their hand and standing in the middle of traffic wiping down windshields. Or, when someone has a chance to go to school, but, because the family is so poor, they’re unable to continue. It’s not uncommon at all for students to graduate high school well into their twenties. That’s providing they even get the opportunity at all.

But, thanks to you, Stone of Help Haiti is able to provide assistance in all levels of Education as well as vocational training. We are driven by the desire to see God’s children achieve their full learning potential. This also means building schools in communities where the greatest needs exist.

The needs in Haiti are indeed numerous and ever increasing. Just know that your faithful giving to Stone of Help Haiti continues to impact the lives of many for the cause of Christ. 

May God continue to richly bless you for your caring spirit.