Christmas Thank You from Stone of Help Haiti

Merry Christmas and many New Year blessings from Stone of Help Haiti and those we, together, serve for the cause of Christ. Thank you your continued prayerful and financial support of all God continues to do through Stone of Help Haiti.

This has been a most challenging year in many ways throughout the land of Haiti. The country is still reeling from the assassination of President Moise and the great August earthquake. Widespread kidnapping, increased violence and a severely depressed economy also contribute greatly to the overall misery index. Even so, I continue to marvel at the faithfulness of the beautiful Haitian people. 

The gospel of Jesus Christ has always thrived in the midst of difficult times, and this past year has certainly been no exception. Thanks to you, Stone of Help Haiti continues to see God moving mightily among the twelve church communities we serve in spite of obstacles most of us, thankfully, will never experience. Just know that your contributions are indeed making a godly impact in the lives of many. We look forward with great anticipation to witnessing the mighty hand of God at work through Stone of Help Haiti in the times ahead.

Please prayerfully consider Stone of Help Haiti for your Christmas and year-end giving.

May God richly bless you for your caring spirit.
Pastor Bill Jasan