We Are Thankful This Year

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I just returned from 10 days visiting our Mission in Haiti. As always, God made His presence known and the trip was life altering. As we prepare for a national day of Thanksgiving, we should all take a few minutes to reflect upon His kingdom and His will for our lives. Here are a few details for you to consider.

We helped the Pierre family get settled into the new mission house. Abel, Melissa, and little Fabrice are now full-time missionaries in Haiti. When we left, they had water, transportation, and electricity for a few hours a day. I’ve learned that you have to think twice about EVERYTHING you take for granted here in the U.S. Nothing is easy or dependable in Haiti (except for our Lord).

We supported a 4 day evangelistic crusade where many in the community came together to worship, pray, and study God’s Word. Have you seen our new video? We also led a group of women through a study of Psalm 1. Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly… but his delight is in the law of the Lord. Most of the women had the same prayer requests: that their children would know the Lord and live holy lives. They live in brick huts or under tarps, but their desire is for the Lord.

kenguitarsmallI was able to lead worship and preach using my new Haitian Creole language skills. You wouldn’t believe the reaction I got when they heard me sing and speak their language. I think it was a testimony to our commitment, and demonstrated our love for them. It was a total God thing.

I met so many people, and saw so many needs, I learned we really have to prioritize our efforts. In collaboration with the local leaders, we’ve determined our first priority must be to begin a disciplined program of verse-by-verse teaching from the Bible. None of the physical relief efforts will have the same level of life-changing impact as God’s Word.

Because of all this, the communities we support in Haiti are thankful this year. Because of your support, they can now:

  • Attend school
  • Receive health and nutritional support
  • Be discipled through verse-by-verse teaching of the Bible
  • Grow in faith and HOPE!

Please pray for me and my mission, as there are many details to work through. God is moving among these people. But not all children in Haiti are this fortunate. What are you thankful for? Be part of the change.

“Thus far the Lord has helped us.” (1 Samuel 7:12)

Ken Strayer

Stone of Help Ministry

P.S. God is doing great things in Haiti, but we really do need your financial support. As we approach Thanksgiving and the celebration of our Lord’s birth, please consider becoming a dedicated member of our mission team through a recurring donation. This isn’t some far off and impersonal effort. You know me personally, and I’ve looked directly into the eyes of those who need our help. You can make a difference. Donate Now!