• Church Repaired in Ganthier

    Church Repaired in Ganthier

    The local church often serves as the center of life in Haitian villages, providing spiritual nourishment and critical social services. Imagine heading to your church service this Sunday, only to […]

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  • We’re Reaching Remote Villages

    We’re Reaching Remote Villages

    Several months ago, I had an amazing experience when I visited a small community near the city of Mirebalais in the Boucan Carré province of Haiti, north of Port-au-Prince. If […]

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  • Urgent Need: 4-Wheel Drive Vehicle

    Urgent Need: 4-Wheel Drive Vehicle

    Stone of Help Ministry supports local leaders in Haiti, providing discipleship, education, and health services for local churches and schools. The traffic in the city and poor road infrastructure makes […]

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  • Haiti Mission Update

    Haiti Mission Update

    What a blessing of hope and comfort our God so graciously gives to those who follow His plan, His way, and in His timing.  A true indication of faithful, humble […]

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  • Video: A Call to Mission

    Video: A Call to Mission

    Watch a video made in Haiti of our call to mission.

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  • Enoncé de Mission

    Enoncé de Mission

    Notre mission est de promouvoir la transformation spirituelle et sociale du peuple haïtien, principalement à travers l’Enseignement de Christ et des actions dans les domaines de l’Education, de la Santé […]

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  • Mission and Vision

    Mission and Vision

    The MISSION of Stone of Help Haiti is to promote spiritual and social transformation of the Haitian people, primarily through Christian Discipleship and actions in Health and Education. Christian Discipleship: […]

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  • Notre Vision

    Notre Vision

    Stone of Help Haïti se veut dynamique dans l’aide et le soutien qu’elle apporte aux communautés haïtiennes les plus vulnérables. Enseignement Chrétien: Stone of Help Haïti assure la formation pastorale […]

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  • Où Nous Trouver?

    Où Nous Trouver?

    Stone of Help Haïti travaille présentement en partenariat avec 11 églises et communautés haïtiennes en vue de fournir un enseignement biblique et des services en éducation, santé et nutrition aux […]

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